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Charcoal filter mod.15 - KIT0161366-3

(ex CFC0141529 - F00333/S)
Immediate availability

72.00  57,60

Technical data

Dimension Value
Depth 225 mm
Width 210 mm
Height 30 mm


Our economy size  KIT0161366-3 includes  3 packs containing 1 charcoal  filters each, thus covering an annual supply. Save 20%

Regular replacement of filters is essential for the kitchen hood proper operation and represents an advantage in terms of energy efficiency, ensuring high performance at the same time.

Elica recommends replacing the filters every 3-4 months as well as checking that the Elica logo is on the filter proving that it is an original item .

The filter KIT0161366 is suitable for  Adagio, Alpha, Claire, Circus, Circus Plus, Circus He, Circus Plus Island, Circus He Island, Cruise, Crystal, Flat Glass Plus, Flat Glass Plus Island, Free Spot, Galaxy, Galaxy Island, Glacier 60 SS, Haiku Island, Ice New, Lol, Menhir, Moon, Moon Island, Luna, Luna Island, Personal, Quartz He, Quartz He Island, Spot, Spot Plus, Spot Plus Island, Spot HE, Spot HE Island, Synthesis, Top Sense, Top Sense Island, Prima Sense, Prima Sense Island, Top Island, Top Sense 60/90/120, Trendy, Trendy Island, Circus, Cruise, Flat Glass, Joy, Joy Island, Reef, Reef Island, Spot Ng, Sofia, Ledge, Stone, Tribe, Tribe Island models. 

Product code change F00333/S
Product code change CFC0141529


Filter mounting instructions



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