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Remote control, White



Technical data

Reduced size, 12 centimeters and a half in length, less than 4 centimeters wide and only 7 millimeters thick, its chassis is made of aluminum, the upper part in 1,2 mm gorilla glass with a curved edge and polyurethane matte keys.

Autonomy is guaranteed by an incorporated lithium battery, which is rechargeable through the included micro USB cable. A multicolor LED under the glass indicates, in addition to the correct transmission of data, the charging status of the battery.  The magnets placed inside the body, allow it to be positioned on any metallic surface, such as hood chimneys or refrigerators, so it can always be kept handy.


The remote control is suitbale for the following models:Adagio, Audrey, Audrey Sense, Bio, Bio Island, Chrome EDS, Cloud Nine, Cloud Five, Concetto Spaziale, Edith, Edith Sense, Empty Sky, Empty Sky Sense, Etoile, Grace,Hilight, Hidden HT, Interstellar, Illusion,Loop,Lullaby Majestic Sense 60, Majestic Sense 90, Naked, Nuage Sense, Om Air Sense, Platinum, Seashell, Shining, Star, Summilux, Skydome, Hilight;Top Sense 120, Top Sense 60, Top Sense 90, Top Sense Island,Skydome Twin, Wave, Ye.

Want to know if your hood supports the fantastic Elica remote control? Contact us by giving us the 12NC of your hood or by sending us the photo of the label you find in an interior wall of your hood.



The remote control is suitable for the following models:
Adagio, Audrey, Audrey Sense, Andante, Bio, Bio Island, Belle, Belle Sense, Chrome EDS, Charme, Cloud Nine, Concetto Spaziale, Cirrus, Diva, Diva Sense, Edith, Edith Sense, Empty Sky, Empty Sky Sense, Etoile, Flow, Grace, Hidden HT, Interstellar, Loop, Majestic Sense 60, Majestic Sense 90, Naked, Nuage Sense, Nuance, Nuance Sense, Om Air Sense, Io Air Sense, Platinum, Pearl, Prima Sense, Prima Sense Island, Seashell, Shining, Star, Summilux, Sleek, Sienna, Splendore, Tandem, Top Sense 120, Top Sense 60, Top Sense 90, Top Sense Island, Twin, Wave, Ye, Yin.

The new Remote Control by Elica, which is suitable for any Elica remote controllable kitchen hood,  is the result of our desire to create an object that incorporates  design, ergonomics and elegance into a single easy-to-use product.

Color: White

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