Snap user manual

How does the incredible and innovative Snap aspiration system work? How can I install it? Read the manual:


How does Snap work?
Snap is equipped with 3 sensors that continuously monitor air, taking quality, temperature, and humidity in consideration. In automatic mode-or manual mode- Snap activates aspiration, assuring air exchange. Snap improves air quality by removing unpleasant odors, allergens or pollutants, vapors, bacteria and viruses originating from molds. All without any heat loss, and without letting in insects or any other unwanted guests. It can freshen the air in a 25 mq space in only 30 minutes.


What are the incredible advantages of Snap?One device 5 functions. Perfect in any situation.

  • AUTO
    Snap automatically activates when necessary. It rids your living space of unpleasant odors and pollutants such as dust, pollen and mites, as well as chemical pollutants that derive from smoke, spray products, detergents, paint, cooking fumes, excess humidity, bacteria and mold. In addition, it monitors temperature and regulates outgoing airflow, while preventing sudden changes in temperature and heat loss.
    Snap activates when undesirable odors and pollutants are present in your living space, thus improving air quality.
  • DRY
    When humidity levels are very high in your home, Snap automatically activates, protecting your health and that of your living spaces.
    Snap activates at your command. If you need to ventilate or purify your living space, you can set Snap at any desired speed, through an App on your smartphone, or by using the remote control included with purchase.
  • LINK
    Snap activates in connection with your Elica hood. If the hood sensor detects fumes or intense odors, it sends an automatic signal to Snap, which then goes into action, boosting the level of aspiration.

How do I install Snap?
To install Snap you must:

  • Make an external hole 12 cm in diameter, and assure that there is an electrical connection in proximity;
  • You should have ready with you: a drill, some screws , dowels, a screwdriver and box cutter;
  • Now insert Snap into the external hole;
  • You can choose to install Snap with a visible or hidden cord;

Now all there is left to do is to download the Snap App and follow the installation procedure, in order to best take advantage of all the Snap features. For more information visit us at



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