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Charcoal filter mod.29 - CFC0140124

Depth 190 mm
Height 40 mm
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The filter  CFC0140124 is suitable for Alba Cubo Island, Aqua, Coraline, Daisy, Emerald, Memphis, Mensola, Light Cube Island, Oretta, Rubino CornerRubino Corner NewTamaya, Tamaya Rail, Tamaya STDTonda and Tropic models. 

Both filters found in the package shall be used.

Product code change CFC0013072 - F00428/1S

Filter mounting instructions

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Data sheet

Variante Cappa (funzione)
1RUS102A 1RUS102A/1 1RUS103A 1RUS103A/1 1RUS107A 1RUS122A 1RUS122A/1 1RUS123A 1RUS123A/1 1RUS22A 1RUS22A/1 1RUS23A 1RUS23A/1 1RUS24A 1RUS24A/1 1RUS25A 1RUS25A/1 1RUS26A 1RUS26A/1 1RUS27A 1RUS27A/1 1RUS28A 1RUS28A/1 1RUS29A 1RUS29A/1 1RUS54A 1RUS54A/1 1RUS70A 1RUS70A/1 1RUS89A 1RUS89A/1 29311097 29311098 2937999 2937999A 2937999B 2937999C 2938000 2938000A 2938000B 2938000C 2938005 2938006 2938006A 2938133 2938304 2938304A 2938305 2938305A 2939587A 2939587B 2939587C 2939588 42411601A 42411601B 42412697B 42412698B 4249920 4249920A 4249920B 4249921A 4249921B 4249924A 4249925A 4249925B 4249953B 4249954A 4249955A 4249956B 42714003 42714019 4279959B 4279959C 4279960B 4279960C 53710179B 53710180A 53710180B 5414769A 5414770A 5415358A 5415358D 5415472A 5416538A 69615926 69615927 69815930 69815931 PRF0000685 PRF0000685A PRF0002407 PRF0002407A PRF0002621 PRF0002621A PRF0002621B PRF0002621C PRF0004034 PRF0004034A PRF0004034B PRF0004034C PRF0004079 PRF0004079A PRF0006028 PRF0006029 PRF0006853 PRF0007200 PRF0007213 PRF0007242 PRF0008933 PRF0008933A PRF0009706 PRF0009706A PRF0009706B PRF0009706C PRF0009794 PRF0009794A PRF0009794B PRF0009794C PRF0009834 PRF0009834A PRF0009834B PRF0009834C PRF0009854 PRF0009854A PRF0009854B PRF0009854C PRF0009861 PRF0009861A PRF0009861B PRF0009861C PRF0009880 PRF0009880A PRF0009880B PRF0009880C PRF0009989A PRF0009991A PRF0010415 PRF0010416 PRF0010723 PRF0010723A PRF0010723B PRF0010723C PRF0011144 PRF0011150 PRF0011150A PRF0015080 PRF0015109 PRF0018991A PRF0019016A PRF0019048A PRF0022290 PRF0022290A PRF0022293 PRF0022293A PRF0026058 PRF0026059 PRF0026251 PRF0026263 PRF0031017 PRF0032035 PRF0032035A PRF0032040 PRF0032040A PRF0041810 PRF0041810A PRF0041810B PRF0041830 PRF0041831 PRF0041832 PRF0041832A PRF0041832B PRF0041833 PRF0041834 PRF0041835 PRF0041836 PRF0041837 PRF0041838 PRF0041974 PRF0043150 PRF0043173 PRF0043183 PRF0043189 PRF0043189A PRF0046173 PRF0046173A PRF0046173B PRF0046224 PRF0046224A PRF0046224B PRF0057590 PRF0057590A PRF0057590B PRF0057591 PRF0057591A PRF0057591B PRF0057592 PRF0057592A PRF0057592B PRF0057593 PRF0057593A PRF0057593B PRF0057594 PRF0057595 PRF0092310 PRF0092332 PRF0093792 PRF0099161 PRF0099161A PRF0099161B PRF0099182 PRF0099182A PRF0099182B PRF0099192 PRF0099367 PRF0099372 PRF0099381 PRF0099387 PRF0101955 PRF0101955A PRF0113935 PRF0113935A PRF0113935B PRF0113962 PRF0113962A PRF0113962B PRF0114072 PRF0114072A PRF0114081 PRF0114081A PRF0116503 PRF0116503A PRF0116510 PRF0116510A PRF0116591 PRF0116591A PRF0116610 PRF0116610A PRF0151536 PRF0156589 PRF0156593 PRF0157147 PRF0157824 PRF0157826 PRF0162389 PRF0162396 29315776A 29315777A PRF0015994
208073346617; 208073346621; 208073346622
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