Product code change

Our grease filter codes have been replaced by new ones.
Below is ‘old’ and ‘new’ codes matching. Search the filter you need and choose to purchase the new code.


You can find your kitchen hood model in the field highlighted in yellow found in the appliance label. If you have any doubt , please write to us specifying the 12NC code .

Charcoal filter F00333/S CFC0141529
Filter Long Life F00262/3S CFC0141725
Charcoal filter F00173/S CFC0140390
Charcoal filter CFC0013072 CFC0140124
Charcoal filter F00428/1S CFC0140124
Charcoal filter F00208/S CFC0141732
Filter Long Life F00439 CFC0140088
Filter Long Life F00264/1S CFC0140088
Filter Long Life F00431/S CFC0140423
Filter Long Life CFC0047652 CFC0140426
Charcoal filter FB01UA CFC0141601
Charcoal filter F00572/S CFC0140064
Charcoal filter CFC0038000 CFC0141571
Charcoal filter F00171/S CFC0141729
Charcoal filter F00159/S CFC0140055
Charcoal filter F00169/1S CFC0140122
Charcoal filter F00189/S CFC0141563
Charcoal filter CFC0091768 CFC0142309
Charcoal filter CFC0097952 CFC0141738
Filter Long Life Revolution KIT0120951 CFC0141772
Charcoal filter CFC0100245 CFC0142328
Charcoal filter CFC0010590 CFC0141742
Charcoal filter CFC0020331 CFC0141720
Charcoal filter KIT0037910 CFC0140394
Filter Long Life Revolution KIT0121411 CFC0140096
Filter Long Life CFC0098631 CFC0140090
Filter Long Life Evolution KIT0120956 CFC0140053
Filter Long Life Revolution KIT0120949 CFC0140091
Filter Long Life Revolution KIT0120944 CFC0141803
Filter Ceramic KIT0120952 KIT0120952
Filter Long Life Evolution F00433/1 CFC0140384
Filter Long Life KIT0120950 CFC0140094
Filter Long Life CFC0098633 CFC0141737
Filtro long life CFC0038699 CFC0141725
Charcoal filter CFC0038668 CFC0140343
Charcoal filter F00479/1S CFC0141497

If you are not able to identify spare parts for your hood, contact us for free and with no obligation and give us your hood model by specifying the 12NC code and we will help you find and order our original spare parts easily and efficiently.

You can find your hood model in the field highlighted on the appliance label here beside.