All hood models are reported on the silver label inside the product having a 12-digit code that begins with “208”. This code is also indispensable for the identification of the technical filter model and other accessories, as well as for requests of technical interventions on the product.

If the label is deteriorated or illegible, you can send photos of the product indicating the spare parts you want through the form in Support section.

The instruction manual specifies if the hood filter is washable or not in the dishwasher. The type of washing can turn the filter opaque but it cannot alter its filtering properties.

The charcoal filter ensures a regular cleaning of the stale air that is created while cooking in the kitchen. The charcoal filter has a certain life cycle: over time, the accumulated grease particles will block the passage of air, creating filtration inefficiencies and increased motor noise. It is recommended to change the charcoal filter every 3 months.

The instruction manual of the Elica hood is supplied with images showing the proper installation of the filter.

It is recommended to fill the form in the top of section. indicating the data reported by the silver label inside the product. If the label is deteriorated or illegible, you can send photos of the product indicating the spare parts you want.

The non-return valve for fumes is recommended only for the hood in ventilation version with ducting conveyed into a common chimney flue in order to avoid the return of the odors coming from other dwellings. If possible, the hood must always have a dedicated piping and should not be channeled through a common chimney flue. If you want to ask for a reducer or a non-return valve for fumes, you can contact your local technical support centre.

All information regarding orders already made online can be requested by filling the form on the top of page. Elica will send a SMART ALERT to the specified email address with confirmation of dispatch of the ordered material and within 24 hours, the delivery will be made by SDA courier.

To purchase spare parts, it is recommended to contact your local technical assistance centre. By clicking  here you can search for the technical support centre of the reference area.

The return of goods is accepted within 14 working days from the reception of the goods; after this deadline, it is no longer possible to change the purchased product or get reimbursed for it. For further information please fill the form on the top of page

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