Discover all MARIE fragrances.

This Kit contains 24 capsules:
  • N.1 AROMATIC HERBS Sage, Thyme and Rosemary
  • N.2 TOMATO AND BELL PEPPER Pink peppercorn, Thyme, Ginger
  • N.3 WHITE WINE Grape, Kiwi, Camellia
  • N.4 VERBENA AND GREEN TEA Orange blossom, Citron, Green tea
  • N.5 JUNIPER BERRY AND LIME Coriander, Mandarin, Bergamot
  • N.6 KILIMAJARO Fern, Lavender, Lemon
  • N.7 MONT BLANC Lotus flower, Musk, Lily
  • N.8 FOREST AMBER Amber, Citron wood, Bergamot
  • N.9 ORIENTAL WOODS Citron wood, Cloves, Patchouli
  • N.12 HUNGRY WIND Red apple, Roses, Musk
  • N.14 VELVET SUITE Peach, Currants, Sandalwood
  • N.15 LADY GREY Grapefruit, Raspberry, Musk


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