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General Terms And Conditions Of Sale For Online Purchases On Elicashop.Com

The products you purchase on website ( hereinafter "Elicashop"), - which is under the exclusive ownership of Elica S.p.A., registered office in Via Ermanno Casoli no. 2 - 60044 Fabriano (AN) - Italy, VAT and F.C. no. 00096570429 – SHARE CAPITAL EURO 12,664,560 F.P. , Phone +39 0732 610 1, Fax +39 0732 610 249 (hereinafter "Elica")- are sold by Calicantus Srl , with registered office in Via L. Mazzon no. 30 - 30020 Quarto d'Altino (VE) - F. C. and VAT No. IT03757590272 REA (Economic and Administrative Index) No. VE-335872 - SHARE CAPITAL EURO 100,000.00 F.P. ( hereinafter "Seller"). Underlying general terms and conditions of sale ( hereinafter "General Terms and Conditions of Sale" and/or "GC") are governed by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 as further amended and extended ) and articles of the Civil Code regulating sale contracts (art. 1470 et seq.). Seller is a company that manages the online sale of products on the Elicashop website, as well as any activity related thereto, including but not limited to orders, shipments and returns, invoicing and payments. It is hereby specified that in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the term "Seller" refers exclusively to Calicantus Srl, details as above. All information related to your purchases, shipments, refunds and returns of products purchased, is available at Elicashop, as well as after-sales technical assistance that you can request by contacting Elica S.p.A.'s customer service ( (“Customer Service").

1. Our commercial policy

1.1 Elica - exclusively on its website Elicashop- conducts its e-commerce activity towards end users , i.e. natural persons who have reached legal age and use this website for purposes that are not connected with their commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity (hereinafter "Consumer"). Should you not possess all requisites for being included into the Consumer category, please refrain from engaging in commercial transactions on our website.
1.2 In light of the above, Elica may monitor purchasing processes, including your returns, for the sole purpose of verifying that purchases are made for personal consumer purposes and not for commercial, business or professional ones, or otherwise with fraudulent intent. These checks may be initiated in order to prevent and counteract right of withdrawal abuse. At this stage, several elements will be taken into account: the total expenditure made by Consumer on the website within a certain timeframe, the number of returns made in that period (an excessively high number of returns is a potential indicator of non "genuine" behavior), or the existence and frequency of non-compliant returns (for example, repeated return of a product different from the one purchased, a product which is not in Elica's catalogue, tampered or damaged products, etc.). These checks will be conducted for the time strictly necessary to gather useful elements to confirm or exclude the existence of fraudulent or potentially fraudulent behavior. In such a case, you will be promptly informed of the initiation of such checks by individual communication and/or telephone call from our Customer Service. In the same communication, you will be offered the opportunity to submit any comments/observations. Should the possibility of a right of withdrawal abuse, therefore an alleged fraud, emerge from the checks conducted by Elica and the consequent information provided by you, Elica reserves the right to prohibit you from making new purchases on the website, promptly notifying such a decision to you through our Customer Service, via the abovementioned communication methods.
1.3 Underlying General Terms and Conditions of Sale govern exclusively the sending of purchase order proposals (or even purchase requests) by Consumer for products available on our website. These General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not apply to the provision of services or the sale of products by third parties, which may be viewed via links, banners or other hyperlinks.

2. Information on purchasing on Elicashop

2.1 In order to proceed with the purchase of one or more products on Elicashop, you shall submit an order proposal ( hereinafter "Order") to Seller, through the form available on our website and following the instructions provided. You need to provide a valid and existing email address, to have your Order correctly processed . Failure to provide your email address, will result in the Seller’s right to cancel any order that has been submitted through an invalid or non-existent e-mail address.
2.2. Before sending your Order proposal, please read carefully these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the section dedicated to the Right of Withdrawal herein.
2.3 Sending Order to Seller represents a binding offer to purchase on the part of Consumer. Before submitting your Order, you will be asked to identify and correct any data entry errors.
2.4 After submitting your Order, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail, certifying your Order receipt. However, this email does not constitute acceptance of your Order by Seller, as pursuant to the provisions set forth in Section 2.6 below.
2.5 A summary of the key features of each product requested by you, their prices (including applicable taxes or duties) and shipping costs (including any additional costs incurred should you choose different and/or faster shipment and delivery methods than standard ones), will be provided on Order proposal entry page.
2.6 The contract shall be deemed to be concluded only upon the Seller's acceptance of your Order (hereinafter "Order Confirmation"). As a result, you will receive another email with our Order Confirmation that will contain a summary of the product purchased and related shipping details.
2.7 Any Order transmitted to Seller and confirmed by the latter, shall be archived for the period of time necessary to process it and in accordance with the law.
2.8 Should any products on Elicashop be not available or on sale at the time of your order receipt or processing, Seller will notify you promptly - and in any case within thirty (30) days starting from the day following your order transmission- , of products unavailability . Should the price for the products be already paid by you, Seller will refund the whole amount and the contract of sale will be considered terminated. Seller also reserves the right not to accept order proposals in all cases specified in section 1.2 above.
2.9. Sending the Order is subject to your acknowledgement and acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy, as well.
2.10 Should you not agree with any of the terms set forth in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, please do not proceed with the Order .

3. Warranties and product prices

3.1 Products offered on the Elicashop website have undergone regular testing and rigorous quality controls. Elicashop does not sell used, defective or lower quality products than market standards. Nevertheless, Elicashop offers the possibility to buy refurbished products displayed on a dedicated section, i.e. products that have been returned, reworked and repackaged (hereinafter "Refurbished"). " Refurbished” goods may, therefore, show signs of wear and tear that will be specified and described in the related technical sheet.
3.2 Products key features are shown on Elicashop in each product sheet. However, the images and colours of the products shown on the website, might not exactly match the ones viewed on the website due to variations in the Internet browser and monitor used.
3.3 Prices of Products may be subject to change. Please check the final sale price before proceeding with your Order. Should a clear mistake be detected in the price of a product or in the calculation of the amount to be paid, Seller may not accept Order and will contact Consumer offering the opportunity to make the purchase at the right price.
3.4 Purchase requests from countries that are not in the list provided on the shipping page, shall not be accepted by Seller.
3.5 All products on sale on Elicashop are covered by a twenty-four (24) month legal warranty for conformity defects. Conformity defects in products sold through Elicashop can be reported by contacting Customer Service. In case of a conformity defect, you are entitled to request repair or replacement of the product. Should these options be not possible or excessively expensive, you will have the right to obtain a reduction in the price paid or to terminate the contract of sale, as pursuant to Article 135bis of the Consumer Code, by contacting Customer Care. .

4. Payments.

4. Payment of products and related shipping and delivery costs on Elicashop, can be made by selecting one of the methods specified in the order proposal form. Seller will charge only the costs actually incurred in connection with the payment method selected by you, without any additional charges.
4.2 Should payment be made via credit card, your financial information, such as your credit/debit card number or expiration date, will be transmitted via an encrypted protocol, to banks offering remote electronic payment services. Your financial information will be protected and not accessible to third parties. Seller will only use this information to complete the purchase procedures and to issue any refunds in the case of returns, in accordance with the right of withdrawal, or to prevent and report any fraud detected on Elicashop to competent authorities. The price of products and shipping costs, as specified in the order proposal form, will be charged to your bank account once Order has been finalized.

5. Discount Code

5.1 1 Elica reserves the right to provide Consumer with valuable vouchers, i.e. personalized discount codes (Discount Code/s), for purchases to be made on Elicashop. Discount Codes apply exclusively to products sold on Elicashop.
5.2 You will find the "Enter your Discount Code" field on the order finalization page (or checkout page): after adding the items to purchase to your cart, enter your Discount Code in the appropriate field and click "Enter".
5.3 Limitations on the use of Discount Codes:

  1. The Discount Code can only be used for just one Order;
  2. The Discount Code cannot be redeemed for cash;
  3. Multiple Discount Codes cannot be used in the same Order;
  4. The Discount Code can only be used for the purchase of items having sales value of at least 1 euro more than the voucher value;
  5. The Discount Code cannot be applied to items that are already on sale;

5.4 Should you need to return an item on which a Discount Code was applied, please follow the return procedure described in the Right of Withdrawal conditions. Once the return is accepted, you may request the Discount Code to be reactivated with its original value.

6. Product shipping and delivery

6.1 For detailed information on how to ship and deliver products, please visit the ‘ Product shipping and delivery’ section . Please pay special attention when reading the information in this section, as it forms an integral and essential part of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. When submitting your Order, you are deemed to have read and fully accepted such terms and conditions.
6.2 Shipping methods of the products purchased on Elicashop are indicated during the purchase process. These methods may vary depending on the type of product selected, its availability, and the delivery address provided. Shipping options are as follows:

  • HOME SHIPPING: (3-8 business days) the cost for home delivery in Italy is €6.99 and €7.99 in Europe. Products shipped within Italy will be delivered approx. within 3-4 business days from shipping, while products shipped within the European Union will be delivered within 3-5 business days. Non-EU shipments will take an average of 7-8 business days from shipping.
  • GREEN SHIPPING (2-3 business days): this option allows for self-service collection at a locker location in Italy for €5.99 or in Europe for €6.99. By selecting this method at the time of payment, you will receive a code by email that you need to use to collect YOUR package at the chosen locker once your Order is ready for collection .
  • SPEED SHIPPING (1-2 business days) : we offer a next day delivery option after Order Confirmation in most of Italy at a cost of €9.99, and in some European countries at a cost of €16.99. This option can be selected on the checkout page, where you will find all the options available for the address provided. Orders, where this shipping method was chosen, will be sent after 3:00 pm on Thursdays and before 3:00 pm on Fridays, or will be shipped the following Monday. Orders placed after 3:00 p.m. on Fridays and before 3:00 p.m. on Mondays, will be shipped the following Tuesday. Availability of this shipping option may vary during sale periods.

6.3 Consumer is required to provide a valid delivery address ensuring there will be someone to withdraw the parcel, as the express courier will make 3 delivery attempts in the Italian market and 1 attempt in international markets. Should nobody be present to collect the parcel, the goods will be transferred to the courier's area headquarters and Consumer shall arrange for collection. Should the parcel not be withdrawn within 7 days, the goods will be returned to Seller.
6.4 Consumer is requested to check integrity of product packaging and/or wrapping upon delivery. Any damage must be immediately reported -by noting it on the courier's delivery ticket - and communicated by contacting Elica S.p.A. Customer Service.
6.5 For further information or assistance on shipments, refunds and returns of products purchased on Elicashop, please contact Elica S.p.A. Customer Service.

7. Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with Article 52 of Legislative Decree of September 6, 2005 No. 206 (hereinafter "Consumer Code"), you are entitled to withdraw from the contract of sale made on the Elicashop website within 14 (fourteen) days from the delivery/receipt date of products purchased (both new and Refurbished ones), without incurring any penalty and without having to provide any reason. In accordance with Article 54 of Consumer Code, you may exercise your right of withdrawal by completing the Return Form found in the Customer Service area (Return Form), which you will then email after having duly compiled it, according to the instructions found on the dedicated screen. After receiving the Return Form completed by you, Seller will email you confirmation of the declaration of withdrawal receipt; In accordance with Article 57 of Consumer Code, once you have exercised your withdrawal rights, products to be returned must be delivered to the courier within fourteen (14) days from the date on which you informed the Seller of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

7.1 Necessary conditions for the exercise of the right of withdrawal on Elicashop.

The right of withdrawal from the purchase made on Elicashop shall be deemed to be properly exercised if the following conditions are fully met:

  1. IThe right of withdrawal must be duly exercised within fourteen (14) days after products receipt , by following the procedure indicated in Article 7 of underlying General Terms and Conditions;
  2. The returned products must not differ from those purchased and must not be in a catalogue other than that of Elicashop;
  3. The products must not have been purchased with the intention of re-selling them ;
  4. The products must not have been used and must comply with the conformity requirements set forth in article 7.4 below;
  5. The products must be returned in their original packaging (if you wish to return a kit, you must return all the item it is made up of);
  6. Returned products must be delivered to the carrier’s within fourteen (14) days from the date you notified Seller of your decision to withdraw from the contract;
  7. Returned products must not be damaged;

7.2 How to return products to Elicashop

7.2.1 Should all the required conditions be met by you, Seller will refund the price of the purchased products in full, as pursuant to Article 56 of Consumer Code. Return costs, i.e. the cost of returning the purchased products, will be borne by you unless Seller has expressly exempted you from such costs at the time of purchase .
7.2.2 If you decide to return your Order (in part or in full), do not forget to include the following information in the message text when compiling the Return form: - Order number; - email address used to make the purchase; The items (or the item) must be placed in their original packaging, in perfect condition, along with a copy of Order Confirmation, if possible.
7.2.3 Please remind that the return shipping costs shall be borne by you ; no parcels shipped COD or freight collect will be taken over by the Seller's warehouse.
7.2.4 Upon receipt of the return, Seller will refund the price invoiced for returned items within the following 14 business days, by using the same payment method selected by you at the time of purchase.

7.3. Conformity checks on returned products

7.3.1 It is essential to return all products to Seller perfectly intact and unused, bearing all protective materials and stickers/labels (if any). Moreover, the original packaging, accessories and documentation are also to be returned. A thorough inspection of the returned products will be performed by us, even with photos and videos, in order to verify related conformity . Should the returned product show signs of use or tampering, Seller reserves the right not to accept the returned product or reduce the refund amount accordingly. Should Seller decide not to accept your return upon verification, it will send you a detailed notice of the reasons for rejection. Should the return be not accepted, Seller will reship the returned products at its own expense, excepting where products have not been purchased on Elicashop, therefore not from our catalogue, should they be different from those purchased, or have been mistakenly returned . In such cases, Seller will provide you - upon your request - with the necessary information to collect the products at your expense.
7 .3.2 Please note that neither Seller, nor Elica S.p.A. shall be held liable if personal belongings and/or items other than those in the order, have been mistakenly included inside the return package.

7.4. Refund timing and methods

7.4.1 Once Seller receives your return and checks that all requirements have been met, you will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance of the return and Seller will proceed with the refund. Should a discrepancy be found in the returned product (not intact and/or damaged even partially or already used and/or not coming with its original packaging), you will receive an e-mail notifying the amount withheld by Seller from the purchase price, as a compensation for the discrepancy found.
7.4.2 Regardless of the payment method selected and used, Seller will make the refund due, in full or in part, as quickly as possible and only after ascertaining conformity of the return.
7.4.3 In light of the afore-going, Seller will proceed with the refund in the shortest time possible; nevertheless, it is hereby underlined that the actual time necessary for the re-funding of amounts paid for the purchase of returned products, depends on the payment method used , especially in the case of credit/debit cards, as the refund time depends on the credit/debit card company.
7.4.4 The refund will be made via the same payment method selected by you to purchase the returned product, unless a different refund method was explicitly agreed with Seller , which will not entail any additional costs on your part. Should the products consignee indicated in Order be not the same person who made the payment, the refund of the amount - in the event of the exercise of the right of withdrawal- , will be made by Seller to the person who actually made the payment.
7.4.5 Please note that the value date for your refund will be the same as the value date of your transaction. Therefore, you will not have any bank interest loss.

8. Registration on Elicashop – MyElica Account

registration on, by creating their own MyElica account and agreeing to the following terms and conditions on service usage . Registration is free of charge. To create your own MyElica account, you will need to compile the registration form , providing all requested information and ensuring that the information provided is complete, correct and true. Please remind that credentials to access your MyElica account must be used exclusively by you and cannot be transferred to third parties. Except to the extent permitted by law, Elica S.p.A. shall in no way be held liable in the event of unauthorized access to your MyElica account by third parties. Therefore, you are requested to keep your credentials confidential and to notify Elica S.p.A. promptly if you suspect that your MyElica account has been accessed by unauthorized parties or your password has been hacked, by contacting our Customer Service.

8.1 Services available on Elicashop

You can enjoy the following services on Elicashop , through your "MyElica" account:

  1. Order records and details: monitors status of your shipments and shows your order records.
  2. My Wish List: saves your preferred items and sends notifications about their availability.
  3. Information: manages your registration details.
  4. Vouchers: allows you to view your usable vouchers.
  5. My Addresses: saves or edits your addresses to get quick access during your purchases and complete orders faster.
  6. My Loyalty Points: allows you to track the points accumulated during your purchases.
  7. Delete Your Account: through this feature, you’ll have the option to permanently remove your My Elica profile and all associated data from the platform. Executing this, you will lose access to all of the features listed above, from your order records to your wish list and loyalty points. This process is irreversible, therefore once your account has been deleted, you will not be able to retrieve it, yet you still have the possibility of creating a new one.

8.2 Registration Duration and Termination.

8.2.1 Your registration to the Elicashop Services will be effective upon receipt of an email confirming your registration and for the entire period you will avail of abovementioned Services, as long as your account is active.
8.2.2 You may delete your MyElica account at any time and for any reason whatsoever, by simply clicking on the "delete account" option.
8.2.3 Elica reserves the right to cancel your registration to the Elicashop website (hence deleting your MyElica account) should you provide incomplete, untrue and incorrect personal data. Elica also reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, the provision of Services rendered through the MyElica account for the time necessary for mandatory and/or appropriate technical improvements aimed at optimizing the quality of the service. Elica may, at any time, interrupt Services provision. In such cases, Elica will, however, ensure the processing of already accepted orders as well as correctly submitted return requests .
8.2.4. Elica will commit fully to offering accurate Services. Subject to legal limitations, Services provided are free of charge. Elica shall not provide any guarantee regarding Services quality, proper operation, continuity or suitability for a specific purpose or result expected by the user.

9 “AriaPulita”( CleanAir) Program

Join Elica S.p.A's Aria Pulita ("CleanAir") program available on Elicashop , operated by Elica itself and governed by the terms and conditions set forth in this Article 9 of underlying G.C. By participating in the CleanAir program, you agree to abide by said terms and conditions.

9.1 General information about the AriaPulita(CleanAir)program

9.1.1 By registering to the Elicashop website and hence creating your MyElica account, you will automatically be registered in the CleanAir program, which will allow you to accumulate points to access exclusive offers, based on the achievement of different levels. It is understood that participating in CleanAir program does not entail any charge or obligation on the part of the user, who will be free to decide whether to use the points accumulated or not.
9.1.2 The points you have accumulated through the CleanAir program are not transferable, cannot be given to third parties, and cannot be exchanged or converted into cash.
9.1.3 Elica reserves the right to change the offers envisaged in the CleanAir program, at its sole discretion and at any time.
9.1.4 Elica reserves the right to cancel your registration to the CleanAir program at any time, should it reasonably be deemed that your behaviour is fraudulent or in violation of these terms and conditions.
9.1.5 As the creation of your MyElica account entails your automatic registration in the CleanAir program, you are obliged to cancel your MyElica account should you decide to cancel your registration from the CleanAir program.

9.2 Points accumulation and counting

9.2.1 The value of each order will only be counted once the period for making the corresponding return will have expired, pursuant to the Right of Withdrawal section of underlying G.C.
9.2.2 Once you have joined the CleanAir program, your membership will be for a period of 12 months commencing from the registration date. If you cancel your MyElica account, the calculation of points accumulated for the purchases made, will also be eliminated. If you create a new account, your participation in the CleanAir program will restart from the date of creation of the new account, as if you were a new customer. You will not be allowed to reactivate your previously deleted account via the new account.
9.2.3 Should you have multiple MyElica accounts, please be informed that each of them will be considered as a separate account and cannot be joined.

10 Amendment and Updating

Underlying General Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time, also by virtue of regulatory changes or other variations (including termination ) in the CleanAir Program. The new terms and conditions will be effective from the date of their publication on Elica will inform you of any amendment and/or updates to these General Terms and Conditions by e-mail. Nevertheless, we invite you to visit this section regularly, to check publication of the most recent and updated contractual conditions.

11 Personal Data Processing

11.1 You can obtain information about Elica’s personal data processing methods by accessing the Privacy Policy , as per this Privacy Information link . Similarly, you can obtain information about Seller’s personal data processing methods by accessing the following link Privacy Policy
11.2 For any other information about our Privacy Policy, please send your requests to this e-mail address:

12. Assistance and Support

Please contact ourCustomer Service, for any questions or additional information.

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